1x1 Meetings

We are glad to give you the opportunity to meet with our sponsors and guests from abroad, and also local companies here that are looking to cooperate with mobile startups. 

See the list below, fill in your details in the form below, and mark who you'd like to meet:

Qualcomm - Chiaren Cusing, Director Business Development & Boaz Peer,Staff Business Development Manager
Qualcomm is looking to meet companies developing unique technologies and applications that are utilizing the handset/chipset capabilities and resources (GPU, CPU, DSP, Sensors, Camera, Gaming, Gestures, Video, Audio, etc.) and can enhance Qualcomm Snapdragon Platforms (from low end to high end).

Yahoo! - Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, VP of Personalization & Targeting & Eran Shir, Head, Innovation Center Israel
Profile TBD

BlackBerry - Luca Filigheddu, Developer Evangelist
BlackBerry is looking for developers with interesting applications that want to launch them on the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Special opportunities will be offered to innovative developers including promotion in BlackBerry World (BlackBerry's app shop), test devices and more.

Google - Jason Bigler Product Management Director, EMEA
At the Mobile Summit Israel, the Google team will be on site to engage with App developers who are currently developing for any platform. So if you're looking to meet with our product managers, the Google Campus teams or our Partner Business Solutions team, please do contact us. We will be happy to discuss various solutions starting from scalable app development, all the way to distribution and monetization.

IBM - Beery Holstein, Technical product manager, IBM Worklight
IBM will be happy to meet any startup company who is developing an enterprise mobile solution or has a need For cross platform application development. In addition BigData, analytics and smarter Commerce based solutions can be very relevant. Depending on relevance and company profile, The meeting can be held with IBM Global Technology Unit representative, The GTU are responsible for joint business development activities world wide and technology enablement with ISVs or with Mobile R&D lab Managers from worklight & Haifa research Labs who have global view of what is done in the cutting edge of Mobile development.

Intel - Wolfgang Petersen, Director Developer Relations Division, EMEA (And local Application Engineers)
We are looking to partner with Software companies and individual software developers regarding User Experiences for Ultrabook and mobile devices.  We are specifically interested in developing new approaches in areas such as perceptual computing, digital storytelling, social broadcasting and data sharing using platform's sensors and new capabilities while developing new innovative applications.

NOKIA - Yannick Debaupte, Ecosystem and Developer Director Europe at Nokia
Nokia is looking to meet with developers (individuals and companies) who are lively interested in joining the rapidly growing Lumia WindowsPhone ecosystem as well as the Asha Series40 platform which is very popular in emerging markets. We'll be glad to hear from developers, and present more about what Nokia can offer as developer programs, merchandising, support, competitions and unique business opportunities for app developers.

PayPal - Corrado Tomassoni, Head of EMEA PayPal | Developer
PayPal is interested to see:
1. Companies that have a payment option on their website / application ( or planning to have).
2. Companies that their Area of ​​Activity is: ecommerce, payments, digital wallets.
3. Companies that target the end users   ( in any segment).
4. Companies that their product can bring an added value for PayPal or Ebay

uTest Israel - Ran Haklai, General Manager
uTest provides in-the-wild testing services for web, desktop and mobile applications. By leveraging a community of 50,000 professional testers from 178 countries, uTest helps companies test their products under real-world conditions that match their user base. If you have a mobile app - uTest can help you make it much better, thus increasing downloads and user satisfaction.

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